From time to time I may add free games and variants to this page.

Hyborian Risk

The first is derived from a Hyborian (Conan) Risk variant I wrote MANY years ago that was published in The Space Gamer.   A fellow named Chester Hendrix e-mailed me early in 2006 to say he'd devised another Hyborian Risk variant derived from mine.  He asked me to host it on my site, as he has none.  So I have.

I have no idea who might have any license for Conan games, but of course I will remove this one immediately if requested by the license holder(s).

Chester has provided some excellent art, as you'll see; the result is very large PDF files, however, so the entire download is about 18 MB.  The individual files amount to just .4 MB more, so you might want to download them individually instead.  Here is the page for this new Hyborian version of Risk.